The Kösen Toy Manufacture. Genuine stuffed animals made in Bad Kösen are collector's items; but what they are actually made for is life in a nursery. Up to 100 parts are necessary to make a Kösen animal with securely fastened safety eyes and a stuffing of non-flammable silicone hollow fibre (in case of teddy bears, they also add some plastic granulate for anatomic accuracy). Unlike many other manufacturers, who mostly use materials made in Asia, at Kösen they stick to plush that was weaved in Germany, Belgium and France. It has a firmer quality and can thus be sewn more tightly - ultimately the reason for the animals' durability. It is also more resistant to hair loss. The Kösen animals are among the finest you can find, not only in workmanship but also in design. For every model, thorough studies of anatomy and movement are conducted in the animals' natural environment or at the zoo; blueprints and clay models follow. Sewn of 72 different parts. The special stuffing gives this teddy bear a natural flexibility that is very close to the original. Height 51 cm. Weight 900 g.
Note: If necessary, Kösen animals may be carefully washed by hand. Only those with a short plush fur should be tumble-dried.



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Egbert Vorholt エクベルト・フォアホルト

Egbert Vorholt Head of Sales and Distribution Manufactum – a German mail order company with head offices in the Ruhr region – has been selling high-quality goods of everyday use to sophisticated and critical end-consumers for 25 years. The product range comprises more than 6,000 items – many of them classics in technology and material. Long-lasting (and often repairable), they reach beyond fashion and trends.