I bought this pair of wooden cooking tongs in street market in a small town near Bordeaux. They can be used for many things, but mainly for cooking I think. The pivot is made of wood and the action is smooth enough but with a small squeak. Their construction is too complicated to be hand-made, although I'm sure that the machines used to make them are hand operated and that the manufacturer is a small one. I have a pair of these in my kitchen and use them for turning steaks and taking things out of boiling water.


たて:約28 × よこ:約8 × 厚さ:約2cm

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Jasper Morrison ジャスパー・モリソン

Jasper Morrison was born in London, 1959 and studied at the Kingston Polytechnic, The Royal College of Art and the Hochschule der Kunst in Berlin. In 1986 he set up his Office for Design in London.