Found MUJI

#231 再発見 再創造 Found MUJI 展

無印良品 有楽町 ATELIER MUJIでは、2016年2016年10月21日(金)~11月27日(日)まで、「再発見 再創造 Found MUJI」展を開催します。

さりげなく、なにげなく、人のくらしに自然と寄り添う日用品を求めて、日本のみならず世界を旅するFound MUJI。無印良品が西友のプライベートブランドとして日本に誕生した時から、この活動は始まりました。

そして2011年に無印良品1号店が「Found MUJI青山」としてリニューアルし、世界各地の店舗にもその売り場が広がっています。


Found MUJIでは、こうして見いだした生活用品のつくり手と一緒に、昔からあったごとく自然に、そして社会や時代や地域を越えて人のくらしに根ざすものづくりに携わってきました。



過去を振り返るだけではない、走り続けるだけではない、生活用品の無造作な魅力と人の営みの普遍を求めて、作り手と使い手がともに歩んだ道のりです。 そしてこれからも無印良品が考える「感じ良いくらし」を目指して、Found MUJIは再発見と再創造を続けていきます。

再発見 再創造 Found MUJI 展
開催場所: 無印良品 有楽町 2F ATELIER MUJI
企画・運営:株式会社 良品計画 生活雑貨部 企画デザイン室、無印良品 有楽町 ATELIER MUJI

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[関連イベント] トークイベント "Found MUJI、地上の無印良品を探す旅"

Rediscover Recreate Found MUJI

Ever so casually, without intentions, Found MUJI has been searching for everyday things that people have naturally come to embrace. This search began as MUJI was founded as a private brand of Seiyu, travelling not only in Japan but also all over the world. When the very first MUJI store was renovated as 'Found MUJI Aoyama' in 2011, the project continued to expand into stores across the globe.

The things that we look for are ones that often go unnoticed in everyday life. More often than not, they are things that are perfect just as they are. What appears unremarkable often has a timeless beauty, and a functionality that reflects the land from which it was conceived. Just as it has always been when people from different societies and regions come together, Found MUJI has innately engaged with makers of household goods, and has long been establishing deep, lasting relationships. In this exhibition, as we anticipate the future of Found MUJI, we would like to show you the path that the project has taken from 1980 to 2016.

Back to our origins, into the future.

Not only looking back on the past; nor focusing only upon the future. Seeking household goods with a universal charm; while engaging both makers and consumers on its journey. With MUJI's vision of 'simple, pleasant life'in mind, Found MUJI will continue to rediscover and recreate.