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#126 made in Japan 2

Found MUJIでは、8月2日(金)から「made in Japan 2」をご紹介します。


Japan, a small island nation. While it is now easy for people, things, and ideas to travel in modern Japan, one can find a surprising amount of cultural diversity when traveling to different local regions.
During the Edo Period, when manufacturing moved forward in each area of the country, one Japanese industry full of local flavor after the next was born. Though industrialization pushed ahead from the Meiji Period to the present day, older techniques and methods of manual labor were also carefully preserved.
One can be moved by learning the backgrounds behind techniques such as tie-dyeing that give another extra bit of beauty to indigo dye, bowls used for everyday purposes with roots in the Mingei folk art movement, and recycled glass born from a post-war lack of materials. The lives of Japanese people throughout history manifest themselves in these items.
Looking at these with modern eyes, which are used to seeing a world that has been optimized time and time again, an extraordinary amount of effort has been spent on every single item. Still, these techniques have been passed from person to person over the ages, as their charm from the warmth that can only come as a result of handwork continues to mesmerize.

ほぐし織(山梨県)/高岡銅器(富山県)/金沢桐工芸(石川県)/有松・鳴海絞り(愛知県)/因州の器 1(鳥取県)/因州の器 2(鳥取県)/琉球ガラス(沖縄県)/

開催期間:2013 年8月2日(金)~9月12日(木)まで
開催店舗:有楽町池袋西武自由が丘グランフロント大阪MUJIキャナルシティ博多テラスモール湘南Found MUJI 青山