MUJI AWARD 03 結果発表

2008年5月26日(月)より7月31日(木)までの約2ヶ月間募集しましたMUJI AWARD 03は
「Found MUJI」というテーマのもと、35カ国から1,986点のご応募をいただきました。



金井政明(株式会社良品計画 代表取締役社長)
特別審査員 ジャスパー・モリソン(プロダクトデザイナー)

MUJI AWARD 03 今年も世界中から沢山のご応募ありがとうございました。
テーマは「Found」。 自然から、先人の知恵から、独自の文化から、また、人々の無意識の意識を。
今回の応募作品の中にも そのような考え方が多かったことに、大変うれしく思いました。

(株式会社良品計画 代表取締役社長)


MUJI AWARD 03 Results

MUJI AWARD 03, with its theme of "Found MUJI", was open to applicants for two months from May 26 to July 31, 2008. Some 1,986 entries from 35 countries were received. We would like to thank all those who entered their works in the competition. We would like to announce the winning entries that made it through very rigid judging process. The winners are as follows. Please also take a look at the comments from the judges.

Comments by the judges

Kenya Hara(MUJI adviser, Graphic designer)
Kazuko Koike(MUJI adviser, Creative director)
Takashi Sugimoto(MUJI adviser, Interior designer)
Naoto Fukasawa(MUJI adviser, Product designer)
Masaaki Kanai(President, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)
Jasper Morrison(Special Judge, Product designer)

MUJI AWARD 03. We would like to thank everyone from around the world who sent in so many entries. The theme was "Found" … from nature; knowledge from those that came before us; from one's own unique culture; or from people's consciousness of the unconscious. We live today in an age where we seek to be the very best in the game of life, while still holding on to consideration and discretion on a variety of levels. A straw the way nature made it, a garbage bag the same shape of that nostalgic milk container, bed mats and detergent made of plant matter, grandpa's nail hooks - I was very happy to see that this way of thinking was evident in a great many of the works entered into the competition. I would once again like to express my appreciation to all those who participated in the competition.

Masaaki Kanai
(President, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)

Judging Scene